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Did you know which the oldest computer in the world is?

Antikythera was discovered in 1901 by divers from a sunken merchant ship near the Greek island of Antikythera at a depth of 45 meters. It is estimated that it sank in a storm in the 1st century BC. 

Only a third of the device remains and it is visibly battered and in an advanced state of deterioration due to the conditions of the environment and time.

What is Antikythera?

Antikythera is similar to an astronomical calculator that showed the movement of the planets known at that time. It was composed of dozens of bronze cogwheels, dials and pointers and was kept in a wooden box.

Although it had a user’s manual, it is impossible to know with certainty how it worked internally. In 2005 it was scanned in 3D with an X-ray system, virtually separating some of its gears, and discovering that it resembled a planetarium where the orbits of the planets were predicted.